First established in May 2015, as the WBA Ontario Breaking Championships, now the Ontario Breaking & Martial Arts Championships;  strives on a yearly basis to provide the competitors with the best breaking competition experience in Canada.

The first four years, the OBMAC primary focus was on the breaking competition sanctioned by the United States and World Breaking Association, the largest breaking association in the world. Adding something new each year to create excitement and to educate the martial arts community in Ontario what competitive breaking was all about.

New to 2019 is the addition of Traditional Forms and Weapons, Creative Forms and Weapons, Team Sync Forms and Weapons, and finally Self Defense. These new additions were made in hope that “Breakers” and “Forms/Weapons” competitors can come together to share with each other their passion for the martial arts as a whole.

Now in 2020 we are going bigger and better once again… adding Point Style Sparring, Continuous Sparring, Light Contact Kicking, Forms, and Weapons all sanctioned by WAKO Canada. Plus we are also hosting a No Gi Submission Only Grappling Tournament as well.

We at the OBMAC are dedicated to providing you with an unique Martial Arts experience here in Cobourg Ontario Canada.

Family Oriented Martial Arts Competition and Showcase