Online Virtual Breaking School

Here is some videos to help you get the most out of your competitive breaking at USBA/WBA events such as the Ontario Breaking & Martial Arts Championships

Breaking Divisions Introduction for the 2019 OBC Events

How To Break Board In Martial Arts – Power Hand Board Tutorial

How To Break Board In Martial Arts – Power Elbow Board Tutorial

How to Break Board in Martial Arts – Power Foot Board Tutorial

How to Break Board in Martial Arts – Speed Board Tutorial

How To Set Up Stands For Breaking

Breaking Seminars

Learn how to break or improve your breaking skills by booking a breaking seminar with multi time world champion and world record holder, Master Jonathan Field.

Master Jonathan Field       Master Jonathan Field

Master Jonathan Field       Master Jonathan Field

Seminars can include but not limited to:

  • Conditioning
  • Proper Mindset
  • Setups
  • Material Selection
  • Proper Technique
  • Power Breaking
  • Creative Breaking
  • Competitive Breaking
  • World Record Breaking
  • and much more……

Contact Master Jonathan Field for details and seminar fees at 905-373-0032, or 905-269-0519, or


  • 11 Time USBA/WBA World Champion
  • 1 Time ISKA World Champion
    • Trained 1 ISKA World Champion
  • 2 Time USBA/WBA North American Champion
  • 1 TIME USBA/WBA Irish Champion
  • 1 Time USBA/WBA European Champion
  • 1 Time ISKA Southern United States Champion
  • 8 Time USBA/WBA World Record Holder
  • 11 Time US OPEN Champion
  • 2 Time Canadian National Champion
  • 2 TIME USBA/WBA Hall Of Fame Dedication Award
  • Trained 17 World Champions
  • Trained Over 40 US OPEN Champions
  • Trained 8 World Record Holders
    • 11 World Record Holders
  • Trained 7 Competition Record Holders
    • 47 USBA/WBA Competition Records
  • Trained 8 Hall of Fame Award Winners
    • 30 USBA/WBA Hall Of Fame Banquet Awards
  • Trained 4 Competitor of the Year Winners

Family Oriented Martial Arts Competition and Showcase